Beth Capen - Case Manager
  • Hello My Name Is Beth Capen

    I am a Special Educator at Paul School.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in English, a Master's degree in Elementary Education, and N.H. certifications in K-8 and Special Education.  I work primarily with middle school students.  In my humble opinion, I have the best job at Paul School.  Why?  Because I believe every child thrives when they are successful in school, and removing barriers to success, especially for students with disabilities, is my goal.  I get to see students of all abilities be successful every day, and I am very motivated to came to school to see that!

    My hobbies include bird watching, photography, and traveling almost anywhere!  I don't consider myself a big risk-taker, but I did go skydiving on a student bet once.  (I figured if I could do that, I could do anything!)  My biggest personal goal that I am working towards is to go on an African safari with a friend to photograph the "Big 5."  I often use stories of my adventures to encourage students to work hard to achieve their own goals.

    Parents often ask how they can help their child.  Is there a secret?  Yes!  You can help your child develop the three habits of successful students.  Your child will almost certainly be successful if they do these things.
  • Keep good attendance
  • Keep good behavior
  • Consistently give their honest best effort when working on assignments, including homework.  If they need help, encourage them to communicate that to the teacher, speaking privately to the teacher or emailing the teacher if they prefer.  No student should feel embarrassed if they need more help!

          Students receiving Special Education services receive assistance according to their 
          individual needs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns 
          about your child, and I will do my best to help make your child successful.  I can be 
          reached at