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Principal's Message: 04/05/2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With a new perspective from our recent work with Dr. Malcolm Smith, teachers at Paul School have been diligently working to strengthen the sense of community in their classrooms. Through morning meetings and classroom discussion, staff continue to teach students how and why to:
• treat others with respect
• be tolerant of people’s differences and
• see things from others’ perspectives.

I invite you to sit with your child and ask them to share examples of how they contribute to the positive culture in the classroom, on the bus, in the cafeteria, etc.

When students make a bad decision and are sent to the office, the teachable moments continue by helping them focus on the impact that their actions had on the rest of their classroom community. We discuss who was affected and how they were made to feel, and what that student can do to make it right. All actions have consequences and students are starting to take an active role in identifying ways to atone for a poor choice.

At this point, students, staff and parents have completed the PBIS Surveys. We will be working to organize and analyze the data when we return from April break. Thank you for your participation and we’ll be sure to report out the survey results.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenn Kuehl
Assistant Principal