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Administrative staff is displayed below. Please feel free to call for an appointment between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM.    - James Lampron, Interim Principal - Interim Assistant Principal  - Holly Leighton, Secretary   - Jen Hayward, Asst. Secretary

Principal's Message: 02/08/2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s Valentine’s week and you can feel the friendship in the air!

At our most recent community day, students were challenged to “rebound their attitude and shoot for respect”. When students interact both in and out of the classroom, there are pivotal moments during their interactions, when students are forced to make decisions. Here are a few examples, if you are playing catch with a football and after you’ve caught the ball somebody takes it from you, here’s a pivotal moment – What would you do? If you were in class doing an assignment with construction paper and you really wanted a blue piece of paper, but your teacher handed you a red piece of paper, here’s a pivotal moment – How would you react? You’re with a group of friends and one friend makes unkind comments regarding another student who’s not around, here’s a pivotal moment – What would you say?

Paul School staff has been asked to be on the lookout for these pivotal moments and when students are caught making a positive decision, they’ll receive a basketball. The basketball goes on the bulletin board and when we fill the bulletin board, we’re inviting the Harlem Wizards Basketball Team to come to Paul School!

This is the type of special event I referenced in a previous Wakefield Weekly message. This event will only be successful with community support. We will need volunteers to help run concession, play in the game and assist with all other aspects involved in running the event. Mrs. Bemis is our contact person for this event. If you would like more information, please contact her at or call the school.

Your Principal,
Jim Lampron